• Great Jackpot
  • Classic Slot Symbols
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Selectable Paylines
  • Mobile Friendly
  • No bonus features

Created in 2015 by a big name provider, IGT, Triple Diamonds online slot is a simple game you can play for real money with no download option available. The setup of this slot machine is basic meaning you don’t get to enjoy any fanciful features or applications. But if you don’t mind playing a bare stripped slot machine where you have to focus on only the winning symbols then you wouldn’t mind this game.
Even with the less attractive features of this online game, the attention it still receives is mind-blowing. Players love it because of its addictive characteristics. With its 3 reels and 9 paylines, and other promotions, players get the opportunity to earn more wins. With the little the game offers, you’re sure to partake in the thrilling casino fun. The game doesn’t require much just a planned strategy that you can follow to hit big wins.

How to play Triple Diamonds slot for real money

While a lot of players prefer the new type of slot machines that comes with special features, awesome sound, and animated characters, a few people also find the Triple Diamonds free slot amazing and rewarding to play. This game takes us back to the time when we didn’t get much phone notifications or any advanced feature that makes slot games interesting.
The game has 3 reels and 9 paylines. Despite its features, the game offers some great opportunities to achieve big wins. Players can increase their earnings by gathering more symbols in their winning combination. The more symbols a player combines, the more wins the player achieves.
The symbols offered in this game include the Bar, 7s, and the Triple diamond slot machine logo. The triple Diamonds logo offers the largest payout in this game. However, the most significant winnings occur when playing for the maximum bets.

Triple Diamonds symbols and combinations

The Triple Diamonds slot is a classic slot game with uncomplicated gameplay. People interested in this game won’t find any progressive jackpot or attractive bonus. To enjoy this game, you would have to get the best possible winning combinations with the various symbols offered.
The Triple Diamond game is made up of three numerous symbols. They include colored bars, red 7s, and the Triple Diamond symbol.

Triple Diamonds Logo

The triple diamond logo also represents the game’s wild symbol therefore it can replace any symbol on the payline to form a winning combo. The Triple Diamond logo can also cause some multiplier effect.
With one symbol, the player gets a 2x multiplier effect, two symbols equal 10x multiplier effect while three symbols lead to 1199x multiplier effect. You can find the triple diamonds logo on every reel. The chances of you landing three triple diamonds symbols are very limited but if you hit such a combo, you’re bound to win big.


This symbol looks like a red number seven. To win with this symbol you need to get a combo of three of this symbol which payout 100x your stake.


There are three types of bars which include the triple, double, and single bar. The triple bar multiplies your bet by x40 when you get three on a payline. Landing three double bar on a payline wins the player 20x their bet while three single bar wins you 10x your bet.

Triple Diamonds Control Panel

When you decide to play an online slot, you should understand how the game functions to know what to do. Some of you may find it hard to understand the onscreen options as first-timers. Here is an insight into how this game works.
When you sign up to play the triple diamond free slot, you need to set your stake using the line bet option. When you move the option up or down, you change your stake amount. Once that is set, you have to click the circular gold button. That button is the spin button and quite hard to miss as it’s situated in the middle of the display.
You can either spin the reels manually or use the auto spin feature. You can select how many auto spins you want from the option of 10-50 spins. Here are other control options of the game


You can locate more information on this casino paylines from the upper right corner of the game. When you click on the button, it will lead you to a screen that displays the information. You can always change the number of paylines per spin. One payline is the minimum you can change while nine paylines is the maximum.

Min and Max Bet

The game offers players the option of choosing how much they want to bet per payline. The minimum bet per payline is $25 so the total amount you would bet would depend on the number of payline you bet on. The maximum bet you can stake per payline is $200. To know how your winnings are calculated, your bet per line is multiplied by the odds of winning.


The denomination for the stake used in this game is in US dollars. You can increase or reduce your stake using the line bet option and you can also control your bankroll using the minimum and maximum bet value.

RTP & Volatility

The return to player percentage of this game is 95.06%. So a player can expect to earn back $95.06 for every $100 bet they place on every game. However, this game is a high medium volatility game so its short-term fluctuation will likely work in the players’ favor.

Triple Diamond Slot bonus features

Unlike other modern slots which have different bonus features and rounds, this isn’t how it is with the Triple Diamonds online slot. Due to this slot’s gameplay design, there is a lack of bonus features so if you want a game that offers special bonus offers, you know where to look.

Tips for players

If you want to try out the triple diamonds online slot, there are certain tips you need to know which include
Manage your bankroll carefully but don’t over-manage it as some games require big bets to win anything tangible. Triple Diamonds Slots is one of such games that require a big budget so if you manage your bankroll you may not win anything so if you have to bet big to win, do it.
You can aim to win big in this game by choosing the max bet option per spin. With that choice, you stand the chance of winning the non-progressive jackpot of 25000 coins.
You should also try to play the triple diamond demo to familiarize yourself with the game controls and learn how to activate its respective payout

Triple Diamonds Online Slot mobile version – game for android, iOS, and windows

You can access the triple diamonds game on your mobile browser as the Triple Diamonds slot doesn’t have a mobile app. The game has been optimized to work seamlessly on your iPhone and androids as it shares the same interface with the desktop version, gameplay, and no of paylines. You can also access this game with no download option required.


If you’re looking for a game that offers the opportunity to stake big, then this game is for you. Its three reels and nine paylines offer a simple interface that is perfect for players with disposable cash willing to spend on an online slot. Its $239, 000 jackpot is more than enough for anyone interested in trying their luck on this game.


Where can I play Triple Diamond slot game for free?

You can try a free version of this game on our website if you’re interested. You can also get it for free in demo version in most online casinos.

How to win Triple Diamonds online slot?

You can win big in triple diamonds when you land a combination of three triple diamond logos on the reels. You can win a multiplier effect of 1196x your stake when your land 3 or more of this symbol.

Are there any slots with the same mechanics?

There are many slots with the same mechanics as Triple Diamonds. You can find them at different online casinos.

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Triple Diamonds
Triple Diamonds

If you’re looking for a game that offers the opportunity to stake big, then this game is for you

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