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The Review of the Golden Goddess’ biggest winnings, Bonus features, and Real Money Game

Many casino game slots offer big winnings and amazing features. However, the Golden Goddess slot offers more bonuses and very enticing features
Have you ever seen some movies or images from ancient Greece and wish you could visit that era? Well, what if I told you that by sitting in your room or at a casino, you could have the feel of living in ancient Greece. This opportunity is brought to you by the Golden Goddess game.
The 3D visual game gives you an adventure into excitement. It was developed by IGT and offered 96% RTP.
As a player, you get many benefits and bonuses from playing the Golden Goddess slot game, some of which include free spins, high payouts, several wins in a round, multiple pay lines, amazing graphics, and many more!

How to play the Golden Goddess for Real Money?

The Golden Goddess isn’t just a game to play for the fun of it, and you can play the Golden Goddess game for real money!
This game uses 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The thing with slot games is that the more symbols they have, the more your chances of winning big. Though this game doesn’t have so many symbols, it features some special ones that offer jaw opening bonuses.
These symbols worth different values and give you high payouts. Some other bonus symbols exist that trigger the free spin bonus feature. In all, there are about 12 symbols in the Golden Goddess game.
How about you try your luck?

Golden Goddess Symbols and Combinations

Similar to several other casino slot games, the symbols of the Golden Goddess game were inspired by the mythology of the Greeks. These symbols have varying values, and some of them can work simultaneously to yield better payoffs or trigger other exciting rewards.

  • Her beau: People also refer to him as a beautiful man. With this symbol, you can receive 3 credits for 2 symbols, 8 for 3, 17 for 4, and 40 for 5.
  • A horse: Earn yourself 5 credits for 3 horse symbols, 16 for 4, and 30 for 5 symbols.
  • A dove: the dove symbol gives you 5 credits for 3, 15 for 4, and 20 credits for 5 symbols.
  • The playing cards through 10 to Ace: There are just 5 of them.
  • A symbol: 5 for 3, 10 for 4, and 15 for 5 symbols
  • K symbol: With this, you are credited with 4 for 3, 9 for 4, and 14 for 5
  • Q symbol: you get 3 credits for 3 symbols, 8 for 4, and 13 for 5.
  • J symbol: 2 credits for3, 7 credits for 4, and 12 for 5
  • 10 symbol: this gives you 1 for 3, 6 for 4, and 11 for 5.
  • The Golden Goddess: The Goddess herself earns you 4 credits for 2 symbols, 10 for 3, 18 for 4, and 50 for 5 symbols.
  • The Golden Goddess Slot Logo: This logo is also known as the wild symbol. It can stand in for every other symbol to help add to or form winning combinations except the Rose. The symbol has the highest value and can earn you 1000 for 5, 250 credits for 4, 50 for 3, and 10 for 1 symbol on a single pay line.
  • The Bonus symbol: Also known as the Rose. Unlike the other symbols, the Rose doesn’t earn you any payout. What it does is trigger the free spin bonus. However, to achieve this, you must have 9 roses filling up the 3 rows of reels 2, 3, and 4.

In other to get massive payouts, some combination rules apply to this game. 3 or more same symbols can line up horizontally on consecutive reels starting from the left. Nonetheless, exceptions apply to some special symbols like the wild logo and the Rose. In their cases, they earn you payouts with just 2 as long as they lie diagonally on reels 1 and 2.
In some situations, the similar symbols may be stacked under one another on 2 or 3 rows of the same reel. Well, don’t get excited because it cannot earn you any payouts. The symbols have to be aligned horizontally on 2 or 3 different reels depending on the symbol. Nonetheless, if there is any payout during such times, it would be more prominent because these stacks form extra winning combinations.

Golden Goddess Control Panel

While using the Golden Goddess slot machine, if you need to change any settings, you would find the control to whatever you need in the royalty panel at the bottom of the reels.
Adjust your stakes with the + and – on the left side.
Use the golden button to spin the reels manually.

Pay lines

The Golden Goddess slot features 40 pay lines. The pay line is fixed; hence, you cannot change the number of pay lines. The available bet options are $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $10.00 or $20 per pay line.

Minimum and Maximum Bets
The least available bet per pay line is $1.00, and since the pay lines are fixed, the minimum bet is $40.00 per spin. On the other hand, the highest bet per line is $20.00; therefore, it means that the maximum bet is $800 per spin.
To play 10 turns with the minimum or maximum bet, you have to have $400.00 or $8000.00, respectively.


For players in Canada, you can choose to use coins as the denomination; though the number of pay lines cannot be modified, the coin value can be adjusted. The lowest coin value you can bet is 1 cent, while the maximum is $10.

RTP and Volatility

The Golden Goddess’ RTP is 96%, which is quite above average in Canada and makes it a safe place for you to bet your real money in. Likewise, this games’ volatility is between low to medium, so you have to select appropriate stakes for your money carefully should in case it’s not your lucky day.

Golden Goddess Bonus Features

Now to the part that interests most people. Yes, golden Goddess offers several bonus features. They include:

Free Spins

The 7 free spin bonus mode is activated when 9 Rose symbols appear on reels 2-4. Meanwhile, before the free spin starts, you must pick one of the Roses to see which symbol would be stacked on all the reels during the spin.

Instant Bonus

The Golden Goddess does offer immediate credits when 2 or 3 depending on the symbols are lined horizontally on consecutive reels.

Bonus Game

Try your luck and increase your chances of cashing out real big with the mini-games that pop up on the screen while playing the Golden Goddess free slot game online.

Game of Chance

There is more to playing games with real money than meets the eye. Every day cannot be your lucky day, and that is why it is called the game of chance. Winning is totally dependent on the random number generator.

Tips for Players

The Golden Goddess is easy to play for both learners and professionals, likewise. However, I would like to share some tips that might help you hit the big jackpot.

  • Before playing, carefully choose your bet
  • Know the combinations that would earn you some cool credits
  • Look out for the biggest value symbols; the wild symbol would do you much good in this case.
  • Do not be more than your earnings

Golden Goddess Mobile Version – Game for Android iOS and Windows

The Golden Goddess online slot game machine is available for most android and IOS. You can download the Golden Goddess Mobile App on your phone or play offline without any download or registration on any network interface. In other words, this game goes everywhere with you!


Where can I play Golden Goddess for free?

The free version of the Golden Goddess is available for free on this website. You can also access the Golden Goddess demo versions on most online casinos.

How to Win the Golden Goddess Slot?

To win the Golden Goddess slot, practice playing with the demo versions first, master the valuable symbols and combinations. You must know that to win big, and you have to risk big!

Are there any Slots with the Same Mechanics?

Yes, some slots use the same mechanics as Golden Goddess, and they include: Gold King Slot, Fortune Stacks slot and many more!

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