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There is so much about the Cleopatra Online slot that people love. When people look for online games to play, they watch out for certain features that convince them of the authenticity of the game claims. One of the things people look out for is the feel of the game. The feel of the game comprises of the graphics and more. They want to know if the game is good enough to appeal to them. Like a lady who is in the courting stage, people expect the game feel will sweep them off their feet.
Tell the truth: would you be impressed by an online slot that has very dull graphics? Will you even be remotely interested in an online game whose graphics looks like it is from the 80s? There is no need for a soothsayer to tell that you wouldn’t be remotely interested in such a game. Cleopatra makes things easy with its unique graphics, which would be discussed in detail later on.
When people search for the best online slot games, they want one that has a great gameplay experience. Gameplay matters. If gameplay looks amateurish, people wouldn’t be least interested even if it is free. Also, people are not looking for the most challenging gameplay; what essence would that bring? We know that online slots are games that are enjoyed in leisure periods; hence we don’t want some game that is too difficult to figure out. From the gameplay of Cleopatra Online slot, which will be discussed in detail later on, we will see the reason why people fall in love with it quickly.

Cleopatra Online Slot Description

One of the most successful games to ever grace the stage is the Cleopatra Online slot game. Touted as the “next big online slot game,” it’s a unique Vegas-style kind of slot game that combines exquisitely beautiful graphics with a great soundtrack and well-reasoned sound effects.
To cap off the brilliant online slot game, makers of Cleopatra added lots of bonus opportunities in addition to tricky gameplay. Like a walk in a beautiful park filled with great challenges, Cleopatra online slot brings the player in with promises of a unique experience. Indeed, International Gaming Technology retains its high position as an elite gaming developer.
At first glance, the features of the Cleopatra slot make it distinct from many others: it possesses 20 paylines on 5 reels. There are 3 rows each as well. To trigger the Cleopatra Bonus, one needs to get three or more Sphinx symbols. While playing, you will definitely encounter win symbols that include: The Inscribed Table, Eye of Horus, The Crook and Flail, Golden Fans, and Mystical Scarab. Then, you are sure going to see the portrait of Cleopatra that serves as the Wild of the Slot Game.

In a way, you may be wondering why there are so many Egyptian symbols being mentioned here? The reality is that Egypt has always been seen as a blossoming center of civilization. Egypt gifted so much to the modern world and is still giving brilliant ideas to game developers. With Egyptian symbols, you get a sense of beauty and mystery. The symbols inspire in a way and induce some calming emotions while you engage in the gameplay.

Cleopatra Online Slot Deluxe Playing Strategy & Tips

Winning the Cleopatra isn’t hard. It doesn’t have some rocket science kind of gameplay that can foil your strategies. To win, you have to understand how it works, and voilà! Your winning streak will begin. To begin, you have to understand that Cleopatra has almost the same kind of gameplay as other online slots.
To be paid, you will need to ensure that every spin of the reels different win symbols fall on the different spaces on the reels. Plus, those spins will award you with different multipliers that will be applied on the bet. The game is played through the use of 5 reels, which offer 3 spaces for each winning symbol. The creators of Cleopatra, International Gaming Technology, also added some free spins in the casino game plus a unique bonus that will motivate you to keep playing.

Win Lines

To change the number of win lines for the Cleopatra, the player will need to use the buttons located at the bottom left corner of the game screen. When you encounter subsequent versions of the Cleopatra franchise, you will notice that the number of win lines used in each round cannot be changed. This feature can be found in many other games created by International Gaming Technology. The player’s bet is the culmination of the number of active lines multiplied by the player’s line wager. Let’s analyze what a Line Wager is.

Line Wager

Line Wager is another unique feature of Cleopatra Online Slot. After you have determined the control field for your number of win lines, it is important to choose your line wager. Players who increase the value of their line wager increase their total bet. The next question you would ask naturally is, what is a Total Bet?

Total Bet

The total bet is a culmination of your handpicked number of paylines that are multiplied by your line wager. When you increase the number of your paylines or line wager, the level of your bet would be increased. Make sure you remember that for Cleopatra, the baseline bet for free spins will double as your overall bet. This is a really brilliant strategy that guarantees win.


One of Cleopatra Online slot‘s most brilliant features, which guarantees the influx of more people, is the Auto Play. The Autoplay feature is present in all IGT slots, and it allows you to set the bet you want. When you set it, you can apply it to the spins that you want to play later. To ensure that the queued spins stop, you can push a button available on your game screen. When you trigger your bonus spin, your autoplay mode will stop.

How to Play Cleopatra Online Slot Deluxe for Real Money

There is super fun when playing the Cleopatra Online slot to win real money. While the demo version that gives the free play is great, playing the full version will give the thrill of making money. We usually advise that you take some time to study the nature of gameplay for Cleopatra before you deposit money into our casino. Make sure you choose the deposit method that fits you perfectly and begin to play immediately you deposit to win real money.

Playing Cleopatra Online Slot on Mobile

One of the best features of the Cleopatra Online slot is that you get to play it on your mobile device. The developers of the game put extensive effort to ensure that it is compatible with whatever device you choose to load the game on. So, the question is, what kinds of devices and Operating systems can the Cleopatra be played on?
The game can be played on both iOS and Android operating systems. This means with your iPhone or any other Android phone, you can get the same experience that people using laptops get. You can then proceed to the International Gaming Technology website to download the game or play at any online casino site. When you download it, you will definitely get a bonus from some casino providers, some of which are based in Canada. Also, you should know that if you like playing with large or small fonts, you can adjust the screen on your mobile device to your specifications.

How to win Cleopatra Online Slot Deluxe

One of the best strategies to win this game is to target the Cleopatra Free spins. People seek free spins because they are lucrative. This strategy guarantees that you can get 15 free spins at a time. It will immediately multiply your entire winnings by 3 (the only exception applies to winnings with the Cleopatra wild symbol). You have the capacity to win up to a maximum of 180 free spins if you keep trying.
Also, there is an additional free spins game strategy. At the point when a minimum of 3 scatters drop of reels at the end of a round, you immediately get 15 free spins. Additionally, free spins come to you when extra Sphinx symbols drop on the reels. That is cool, isn’t it?


Where can I play Cleopatra Online Slot online?

There are many excellent casino sites to play the Cleopatra Online slot. If you are going to choose any casino site, make sure it utilizes the original game software that is licensed from International Gaming Technology who are Cleopatra Slot developers. Also, go for a casino site that can allow you to play the game within your browser because it would ease the process since you aren’t downloading anything. It is also pertinent to ensure that the online casino is regulated by the governmental Gaming Commission of the country you are within, for example, the UK Gambling Commission for the United Kingdom. It is also helpful if the online casino has other popular online slots too, which offer demo of the game and the full versions.

Does Cleopatra Online Slot have bonus features?

Yes. The Cleopatra is a classic kind of online slot. Hence, it has the features of an online slot with some beautiful tweaks. First, the Sphinx symbol has the capacity to bring more lucrative bonus spins. There is an automatic triple when you have a win that takes place during the bonus spins. Besides, you can win more bonus when there are added Sphinx symbols that show up during the bonus spins. Generally, the RTP is 95.02%

How high is RTP in Cleopatra online slot?

As regards the Cleopatra Online slot, the RTP is 95.02% within many top online casinos. For those who aren’t familiar with slot terms, the RTP stands for Return-to-player rate. It showcases the percentage of the stakes that are paid to players after they have engaged in billions of spins. A high percentage, like 95.02 shows that players will win many big spins and lose as well.

Is it safe to play Cleopatra Online Slot?

Yes. It is perfectly legal and safe to play the Cleopatra Online Slot. However, it is pertinent to note that it is a form of gambling and should only be indulged in sparingly. Players should not risk vast amounts of money in playing the Cleopatra Online slot. To ensure that you understand how the game works, you can try out the free play a few times before putting any real money.

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