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Do you remember Rich Wilde? That famous adventurer who reminds you of the charming Indiana Jones. Guess what, he’s back, and he’s ready to get you very rich. He is on a new task to discover the long-lost Egyptian treasures. All you have to do is help Rich Wilde look for the Book of Dead, and you’re on your way to amassing wealth.
The Book of Dead Slot is an offering from Play N’ Go that offers you an exciting playing experience. Gamers who are fans of adventure and fantasy machines will find this game rewarding. Apart from the lots of money you tend to gain when you play the Book of Dead slot, you are sure to get fun gameplay with sharp and engaging graphics.
If you love mythology, then the presentation of the ancient Egyptian gods will further appeal to you. Don’t worry; you’re not going to the cinema to see an ancient Egyptian movie. Play N’ Go ensured that the ancient symbol is not over the top. Also, the powerful engine used in creating this game ensures easy game transition.
It comes with a solid RTP, an attractive jackpot, and an extensive range of bet sizes that will keep you glued. Let’s take a closer look at this game and how you can enter the ancient Egyptian chamber to win its riches.

Book of Dead Slot Description

The Book of Dead slot is an easy game to play, so it is popular among many players. All that is needed to win is to put three or more matching symbols on one of the ten paylines. It is not all that simple, though. You need to understand all of the game features before you can dive into playing with real money.
It has the standard 5 reels 3 rows gameboard with 10 active paylines. It also features 11 symbols on the reels, but it would help if you know that 9 of these symbols are ordinary. Also, you should note that not all 9 ordinary symbols are equal. As you must have guessed, the symbols are Egyptian-like.
These symbols include the god with the head of a canine Anubis, Pharaoh with a golden mask, and an ancient Egyptian eagle wearing an exotic dress. Rich Wilde himself is the highest paying symbol. This symbol can offer up to 5,000 times the original stake. The special features of this game make it very popular and exciting to play.
An example is the online Book of Dead symbol, which acts as a wild and a scatter symbol. When used as a wild, it can replace any of the other symbols on the reels. When it acts as a scatter symbol, you get even when it’s not on the payline. Just ensure that you have at least three scatters on the reels to trigger a win.
There is, also, the free spins feature, which players of Book of Dead slot players. Having three or more scatters on the reels gives you 10 free spins. The amazing thing is that you can trigger the free spins feature as many times as possible. The free spins also trigger another bonus feature – the expanding symbol.
A random symbol is chosen for each free spin you win. Once the symbol gets on the reels, it covers other symbols on that reel and others. You can also use the gamble feature to increase your money if you choose to.

Tips and Strategy for Playing Book of Dead Online

Book of Dead is a Random Number Generator (RNG) slot. It is almost impossible to have a 100% winning strategy. There are, however, tips that you can employ to improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. Take a look at them below:

  • There is the popular saying that goes, “bet more, win more.” Applying this strategy in the Book of Dead slot will also help you get your best wins. Your winnings are proportional to your bets, so you might want to bet the maximum stake. Also, you get to play the free spins at the maximum value if you bet the maximum stake.
  • The gamble feature could be a possible way of turning small wins into bigger ones. It has a 50%-win probability, but it’s worth taking the chances.
  • Make it a habit to use bankroll management so that you can play for longer. That means that you should withdraw winnings that are above your gambling budget. That way, you can save some money while still playing.
  • It is always advisable to try out the slot’s demo version to understand the gameplay and bonuses. With the demo, you’ll find out winning opportunities before you begin to use real money.
  • Remember to play the slot at regulated casinos to ensure fair and audited gameplay.

How to Play Book of Dead Online for Real Money

Book of Dead offers you 250,000 max coin win. However, it would be best if you chose your stake before you start playing. You’ll find all your bet settings in the grey button on the bottom right of the screen. Once you find the button, you can start by setting the number of coins you’d like to bet per payline.
After this, you can set your coin value, which ranges from £0.01 to £1. The next step is to choose the number of lines you wish to bet on. There are 10 paylines in the Book of Dead slot, so you can choose from lines 1 to 10. This translates to a £0.01 minimum stake per spin and £50 maximum stake per spin.
Once you’re satisfied with your settings, you can begin to spin for the money by pressing the green button on the screen. There are also more advanced features that you can take advantage of. For instance, you can use the autoplay feature to play automatically for up to 100 spins. With this feature, you don’t have to interact with the game.
You can play faster by pressing the lightning bolt symbol. This symbol activates faster spins so that you can have more betting sessions to win more. This slot also allows you to set limits so that you can control your spending when playing with real money.

Playing Book of Dead on Mobile

Another great advantage of the Book of Dead slot game is its full compatibility with mobile devices. You can access this game through your iPhone, iPad, Android, and many other mobile devices. It has an attractive design, impressive graphics, and cutting-edge sound effects. This makes it compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and IOS, and you won’t struggle to keep up with the game.
Play N’ Go is aware that many players enjoy playing online casino games on their mobile devices. You can play the Book of Dead game via dedicated apps by Play N’ Go. You can also use apps created by responsive casinos. Using touchscreens on your smartphones and tablets to spin the game’s reels allows for easy mastery of the game.
Even with the smaller screenplay, you still have all options and features available on the mobile Book of Dead slots. Whenever you choose to play this game on your mobile device, ensure that you use a secure network. Never play it over unsecured public connections.

How to Win Book of Dead Slot

Like other slots you may know, there is no sure strategy to win on the Book of Dead slot. It is a game of chance. It would help if you played for as long as you can to land big wins. However, there are a few useful tips that could help you play this game in your favor.
First, you need to understand that selecting the maximum bet in his game would mean that you have a big bankroll. Choose a stake that is based on the amount available on your gaming account. To be on a safer and probable winning side, you should place a spin in 500 times lesser than your bankroll.
Doing this will help you keep a good balance in your game and have the chance to play longer. After you might have gotten a massive win, you should reduce the bet. Then, you can increase it again after about 40 spins. This helps you to avoid too many losses.
Placing maximum stakes on this slot will get you huge wins in the free spins mode. You can trigger the free spins as many times as possible, depending on your number of spins in the game session. Keeping the following details about Book of Dead in mind will go a long way in helping you:

  • It has high volatility of 11.87
  • Long cycle length
  • The probability of a win is 29.08%
  • The maximum payout is 5,021x
  • The average winning from the bonus is 76x
  • RTP is 96.21%


Where can I play Book of Dead online?

You can play the Book of Dead slots online in any of the regulated casinos. This will ensure that you’re playing a fair and audited game. It is also available for instant-play in your mobile web browsers. You don’t have to download the extra casino software. You can also play the Book of Dead free on websites with the service provider or on the official Play N’ Go website.

Does the Book of Dead slot have bonus features?

Yes, there is a range of useful bonus features on the Book of Dead slots. They include the wild and scatter symbol, free spins feature, expanding symbols, and gamble features. These features increase your possibilities of winning in the game. When triggered, you get ten free spins, which you can use to earn more money. The gamble feature also allows you to double your wins in the game.

Is it safe to play the Book of Dead online?

It is completely safe to play the Book of Dead slots, provided you choose reliable casinos to play it on. You must also understand the risks involved in betting and always find ways to minimize those risks. That way, you increase winning chances and decrease losses.

How high is RTP in Book of Dead?

The Book of Dead has an RTP of 96.21%. That is, for every $100 you stake, you’ll get an average win of $96.21. This is an impressive number, and you can expect a steady stream of returns. Not that that slot is a volatile one, and it could eat your bankroll quickly. But, once you get a win, it’s usually a large one.

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