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The Zeus slot is a video slot by WMS with a great theme and exciting features to match. It is one of the most popular slot games among casino players in Canada. It was initially designed for play in land-based casinos but is now available across various online platforms.

Top Online Roulette Casinos

The elegance of the online roulette game is in its lack of décor. You can immediately experience the pleasure of playing roulette online for fun without risking any money. If you’re new to online roulette and you want to practice before staking real cash, you could also play it online for free. Isn’t that fantastic? Playing roulette online for free is the perfect way to practice and get in the game.
Suppose you play roulette online for fun and find it entertaining enough to stake real money. In that case, you’ll find that there are different variations of roulette available to stake your money at the best online roulette for Canadians.

Play Roulette Games for Free

As with other online casino games, playing the free online roulette is a fast way of getting to grips with the game and partaking in fun offered. As a new player, it is a great game to test the waters if you’re new to online casino stuff.
A dealer, which you also know as a croupier, controls the game arcade and keeps the flow of action going. They collect bets, announce bets, and outcomes of games. They are also there to cue players in when it’s their turn to play. The game’s main action is based on a miniature ball and a numbered spinning wheel that a croupier spins and throws in the ball while it turns. This spinning signals the beginning of a fresh round.
This game’s objective is for players to correctly guess what part of the wheel the ball will lay to rest and know where to play roulette online for free money. Once you can figure that out, all that’s left is to figure out roulette odds and placing your stake at the beginning of each new round, and you’re good to go.

Online Casino Roulette Variations

Aside from simplicity and convenience, another great factor about playing roulette online is the variety of games it offers. Unlike most casino games, which have only one version, playing roulette online gives access to its different variations you will not find at land-based casinos.
Some of these variations utilize unique rules that impact the game and favor players, while others drop fewer numbers on the wheel that can positively change the game’s odds. Though you may be used to playing only the classic variation of roulette, you may as well check out the other variations.

European Roulette

The European Roulette is one type of this game that offers players more odds than you’ll see on any other type of roulette, including the American. This is because the American Roulette comes with an extra double 0, which cannot be found on the European Wheel.
It may not be significant but having a double 0 tile gives the casino a prior advantage as the win always goes to the house when the ball hits the 0 or 00. The house would see the advantage taken away when one zero is removed.

Mini Roulette

As the name suggests, the mini roulette is smaller than the standard roulette when numbered from 0-36. This mini roulette game has a single 0 feature and goes up to 12. In this game, if the ball lands on 0, the player receives half of their stake.
Asides from this feature, the tiny wheel size roulette can be operated just like your standard roulette machine with no additional rules applied.

French Roulette

The French Roulette also comes with one 0 but features two rules that can affect your betting outcome. La Partage rules where a player will lose half of their bet when their ball falls on zero on all bets placed outside. This rule does not apply to inside bets.
The other rule is the En Prison rule, which effectively imprisons your bets whenever the ball falls on zero. So instead of receiving half of your bet like it happens in the La Partage rule, the bet would go for your next spin. If you win the round on your next spin, you are free from jail, but if you lose, you will forfeit your entire wager.

American Roulette

American Roulette is among the most widely played and available variations of roulette available currently. Although it’s not as old as the French or European variations, the American roulette is considered the standard version of the game.
In this game, the numbered wheel comes with an extra 00 as well as the normal 0. The addition of 00 increases the edge of the house over the player and drastically reduces the player’s odds. So don’t be surprised if you find this variation everywhere.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette offers players the option of having fun and interacting with a real-life dealer. To play this roulette, you need an online streaming device and a strong Wi-Fi connection that will link you up with a real-time live game.
You can watch all the action from your computer or your phone screen and even have interactions with the dealer who can hear and respond to you. This is the best option for players who love to play online roulette at home but still want the social interactions of playing in a casino.

How to Play Online Roulette

If you’re new to playing online roulette Canada and want a quick guide on how you can get started, then this section is for you. Whether you decide to play online roulette at a live casino or an online casino, the guides are the same. To begin playing the online roulette, you have to foremost

Place your bets

This is the first step to take as this makes you entitled to a stake in the winnings if you predict the right number. When you’re ready to place the bet, you select a chip size you like to use in betting and then click on the table layout to place the bet.

A croupier spins the wheel

Once all bets have been placed and lodged, you can click on the spin button to spin the wheel and the tiny balls.

Await the outcome

While the wheel will take a few minutes to spin, it will eventually come to a stop, and the ball will settle at on the spot. If you’re correctly predicted where it will finally stop, then you’re a winner.

Collect your winnings

Once you’ve been confirmed as a winner, you will get your payout from the dealer. This payout depends on the amount used to stake.

Basic Online Roulette Strategy

While you may not control where the ball lands, you can give yourself a shot at the best possible chance of winning by developing a winning strategy. To put together your strategy, you can try these out;

Try free games

As someone trying to understand the game, you need to start by playing the free version to get its hang. You will lose no money here nether would you gain any cash.

Know the variants you find easy to play

The Roulette game is known for its high house edge, unlike other games. However, the different variations of this game come with different house edges. The best way to go about taking your chances is to stick with the variation with the lowest house edge. This will give you a winning opportunity.

Place outside bets

Outside bets are those bets you can win easily in roulette games. So if this is your first time playing this game, you should give it a shot. These bets cover the large areas of the wheel, enabling them to come up.

Roulette Odds

This game’s makers set the game numbers to run to 38 numbers (1 to 36 + 0 and 00). However, they set the betting odds for you to hit a single number with one bet at 37 to 1, but the house only pays 35 to 1 on winning chances and the same odds for winning with the same bet combination. Also, note that the odds of this game vary by type of bet.

Roulette Tips

To successfully play the Roulette game, you need to develop different strategies to predict the right number. Many bet settings and methods have been used to beat the game but to no avail. Still, there are few tips any player can use to beat the game, and they include

Looking out for games with En Prison or Surrender

These two terms perform the same function; in any game that has any of these features, anytime any of the propositions of black/red, even/odd, or low/high hits, only half the bet is lost while the other half is returned because 0 or 00 appeared.
One can follow many more tips to win this game, and with the right research, one can find them.

Top Tips for Winning More at Online Roulette

Do you want to know how to win at roulette? If you do, then you would follow these tips

Always play a single zero wheel if possible

This may sound like a challenging proposition, but it isn’t. You’re advised to play a single zero wheel because this type of game has a higher minimum bet than the double zero wheels.

Create a 401G account

When playing roulette at online casinos, ensure always to use cash reserved for playing games. Set up an account specifically for funding your gambling habits. Do not gamble with cash from any other account, as this disciplines you from spending all your cash on one game.

Play as a leisure game

Roulette is a leisure game; therefore, you have to play it in the best leisure way. Do not hurriedly place your bets if you’re playing alone.

Don’t sweat over a number you didn’t play before

You may have been playing a certain number, and a certain number comes to mind to play. However, you didn’t play that number. Don’t sweat because this is a game of luck, not a certainty.


What is the maximum bet on online roulette?

The maximum bet varies and depends on the casino brand. However, it is usually between $25.00 and $1000.00.

How do players win roulette in a casino?

To win the game, you have to guess the number on which the tiny ball lands after the roulette wheel online has finished spinning. If your guess is correct, you’re the winner.

Do players really win real money playing online roulette?

Yes, players can win real money playing online roulette. They have to guess the right number and hope the balls lands on that number or color eventually.

What is the best online casino for roulette?

To find out the best online casino for roulette, read our reviews to make your selection.

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