Best No Deposit Casino Bonuses in Canada

Gamblers from Canada love online casinos. Canadians are responsible, interested in new products, support technological innovations, and like to play slot machines online. To attract as many new players as possible and keep regular customers, casinos offer deposit-free bonuses. Today it can be challenging to find a casino with the best no deposit bonus offers among hundreds of active gaming sites. We have selected reliable casinos for you with non-deposit prizes and developed an algorithm, thanks to which you can later choose the free bonuses yourself.

Latest No Deposit Bonus Codes & Casinos

What are the features of the non-deposit bonus?
The first step towards finding the best no-deposit bonus is understanding what it is and why it exists.
We define the non-deposit bonus as a reward from an online casino, which does not require a gaming account deposit. With its help, gaming websites, bookmakers, and foreign online casinos attract new clients. Players are interested in evaluating casino services without spending money. The casino offers its promotions to keep the client as long as possible on the site. It is easy to do by giving the player the ability to rotate the drums slots for free and win real money.
The non-deposit bonus is often received as a gift for registering a new account, but it can also be credited to regular casino clients.
Pay attention to the definitions. A non-deposit bonus is not always equal to a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus may include requirements for the first deposit, which must be made after registration. Bonus without deposit can be one of the welcome bonus parts and can act as a separate offer.
Do not confuse the non-deposit bonus with the free game in demo slots versions. The Demo version will not give a win, and the deposit-free prize will bring some money to the game account.
Winning without risk is not the only advantage of no-deposit bonuses.

Advantages of non-deposit bonuses for the player

Choosing non-deposit rewards in different casinos is a sound practice for players of different levels. Such rewards will allow:

  • Play free at various online casinos without losing the bankroll;
  • explore different platforms and get acquainted with their rules, services, and payment terms;
  • study new slots and games of new providers without cash costs with the right to win. If you still have doubts about the quality of the slot machine or its RTP, which can not be tested in the demo version of 100%, the non-deposit bonus will help in this;
  • improve the experience of playing on a new platform, perhaps with better odds;
  • set a successful start in online slot machines, which will inspire you to save your casino account and increase your funds in your account;
  • use the funds to start new spins or withdraw to external accounts.

Indeed, such advantages will interest new clients of online casinos, but frequent gaming halls’ visitors will expand game possibilities thanks to non-deposit bonuses.
What exactly does a player get with the non-deposit bonus?
With the non-deposit bonus, casino users will be able to win:

  • real money, which will be received in the main account. Part of the casino divides users’ accounts into main and bonus ones. The non-deposit prize will go to the bonus account, and after its wagering, all the winnings will go to the main account. From there, the player can quickly withdraw them or spend on new spins;
  • additional bonuses and free spins, which may be associated with the non-deposit bonus. By rotating the funds received as a non-deposit bonus, the player will receive new bonuses from the casino, which can also be transferred to the main account.

Each casino sets its own rules for realizing the bonus potential without a deposit. Therefore, it is essential to read the terms of the promotion carefully. They should indicate what you will receive as a result of non-deposit bonus wagering, what are its conditions, and what exactly includes the bonus – what is its type.

What non-deposit bonus to choose

There are several options for non-deposit bonuses at online casinos. Each of them depends on the conditions of a particular promotion, internal casino concepts, marketing strategy.
The casino can offer a player only one type of non-deposit bonus or provide a choice from several offers. Here, the player must understand exactly the difference between the bonuses offered, how to use them, and the advantage of the bonus for the game bankroll.
It is necessary to note that the bonus can be bound to the concrete slot, machines of the specific provider or have no restrictions on its use. Some online casinos can indicate in T&C which slots participate in the wagering or bring the rules to a separate menu section.
It is important to remember! In certain jurisdictions, some slots may be unavailable due to casino or provider policies. If the non-deposit bonus contains a specific slot name for wagering, check if the game is available in Canada or a particular province, if the withdrawal is valid in the region where you live. If the restrictions are valid, the non-deposit bonus will be useless or equal to the game in demo versions.

Bonus cash

In Canada, a non-refundable deposit may be charged as monetary compensation. In this case, the player who connected the bonus will receive a certain amount of money to the special bonus account. The amount can be modest – from $5 – and higher. Each casino determines it independently and specifies it in the conditions of the promotion.
The player must be careful using bonus cash. When paying for the spins, it is necessary to specify the bonus funds as the primary bet source; otherwise, the game will be played for real money.

Free Spins

The bonus, which is credited as free spins, usually has a binding to a certain slot. The player is notified that he has been credited with free spins in the game. Free spins will also be kept in the bonus account. The player starts the slot, goes to the bonus account, and activates the free spins to pay the bet.
The number of free spins in the non-deposit bonus varies from 10 to 100 but is usually 25 – 50. Usually, the number of no-deposit free spins is lower than when you get the deposit bonus.
Casinos may use a time limit on free spins, for example, 5 or 7 days. If a customer has not activated the accrual and has not used the free spins to the end, they will burn out.

Free Play

This type of bonus is different from free spin or bonus money. Free plays are provided by the casino for a particular group of slots for a specific period with the right to save the winnings if the client has met the wagering dates.
Usually, the term is short enough, and the wagering requirements, in this case, may be high. The client may be obliged to put the maximum amount of money or to play back a large number of spins.
All details of this kind of bonus must be specified in the description. Estimate your time capacity and the size of the bankroll that may need to be connected for wagering.


A bonus is available in the form of a refund to the player’s main account after paid spins. The user plays with his or her funds but has insurance in the form of a promised casino cashback. It can be charged in the form of a fixed amount or percentage of the player’s funds.
The percentage of cashback can vary from the player’s position in the loyalty program or the game chosen by him.
Choose the casino, which offers a non-deposit bonus, exciting and profitable for you. Explore the details of the promotion, rules, and restrictions of the casino and providers. If you are playing for the first time, evaluate the possibilities of different non-deposit bonuses in different casinos, and choose the best one. If you are an experienced player, filter out gaming room offers to increase your bankroll to the maximum advantage.

No deposit Bonus Crediting and Receiving

You have already realized that there are various ways to get the no-deposit bonus:

  • first register on the online casino website;
  • promote yourself in the loyalty program;
  • attract new players on the pages of your personal website or social networks;
  • install a mobile application.

To guarantee the award, it is important to follow the rules of crediting, wagering, and the subsequent withdrawal of the winnings.

Find a casino with a no deposit offer

Nowadays, casinos with no deposit bonus can be rarely found. The relevant promotional list you can find here, on our website. Also, you may use the general recommendations to find the gaming website with no-deposit rewards:
Explore the casino offer carefully. Sometimes the welcome bonus may look like a non-deposit one. Still, it does require the gaming account funding;
Determine the kind of bonus that seems the most profitable for you. Search for the casino, which offers the reward you are interested in: free spins or cash bonus, for example.
learn about the casino in details here, or find all the info at the official gaming website:

  • The casino must have an authoritative license to guarantee the reliability of the software and game software, as well as compliance with game laws;
  • the platform must have a mobile application and high-quality functionality;
  • the site features top providers and newcomers to the gambling market with an extensive portfolio of affordable slot machines with high RTP;
  • The casino must support Canada-friendly payment systems and pay winnings and jackpots to Canadians. Remember, many casinos and providers restrict access for players from specific regions. Information about this is published in the rules of the casino;
  • Bonus offers and non-deposit bonuses must have wagering conditions and sufficient volume for an interesting game and winnings.

You can also find useful information reading users’ reviews and feedback about the gaming website and its bonuses. Experienced players usually can tell about offers’ specifics, explain the best strategies to play the no-deposit bonus back.

Sign up for an account

When you identify the best casino to play, you can finally register at the gaming website. Usually, casinos do not offer any bonuses for non-registered players.
Canadian players may create the accounts in several casinos simultaneously. So, if you are interested in a few reliable casinos’ offers, you can register in each of them.
For the account creation, it is required:

  • fill the form and provide the casino with your contacts;
  • accept the gaming website’s Terms and Conditions;
  • if there is an invitation to accept the no-deposit casino bonus during the registration, tick the box to confirm your agreement. Please, don’t forget to learn the bonus terms first!
  • conform your contacts using SMS-code or activation link that can be found in a confirmation email;
  • authorize on the website using created login and password (or contacts that are linked to your gaming account).

Sometimes you can meet some offers that promise you the rewards even without registration, contacts confirmation of profile creation. In this case, the player gets the instant no deposit bonus and can even win some, but the registration is still required for the funds’ withdrawal, and the wagering conditions work.
Keep in mind that casinos do not allow registering of additional accounts to receive the rewards. It can be identified as a rules violation and lead to the ban.
Follow the registration rules. If specific actions are specified in the bonus condition, take them. Otherwise, the casino will refuse to grant a bonus.

Get your hands on that bonus

The conditions of bonus receiving are:

  • registration on the casino website;
  • confirmation of contacts, profile data (scanned copies of documents);
  • following the instructions of the operator for crediting.

After authorizing a new user, you can get a bonus in several ways. They are explained by each casino in terms of non-deposit shares:
The bonus is credited automatically after registration confirmation or contact verification. In mobile application – after installation and authorization;
During registration, the player enters the promotional code received at the casino partner site;
the casino sends the promo code to the email or notifications in the personal cabinet. The field for the promotion code entry is specified in the same place. As a rule, it is a tab “Bonuses” in your personal cabinet. Be careful when entering the promotional code. Maintain accuracy in the repetition of letters, symbols, and cases. Promo code is used once unless otherwise specified in the promotion terms.
Bonus is calculated from several seconds to 24 hours. If you have fulfilled all conditions of the promotion and the bonus hasn’t been credited, please, contact the customer support service with the corresponding request.
After bonus crediting, you should activate it by the pop-up link or confirmation button. It is also necessary to do it within a certain time frame.
After activation, the received free spins or money must be played back. You can redeem your bonus from several days to one week. Check the wager or the minimum rate for free spin playing back.
Until the moment of wagering fulfillment or the end of the bonus period, it is impossible to withdraw the money won for the reward.
Click the links to the wagering rules and conditions, do not limit yourself to general information on the page. If you can’t find the wagering details, contact the support service.
When the wagering conditions are fulfilled, the bonus winnings will be unlocked for withdrawal, and the player will be able to use the chosen payment system to withdraw it. You can also use the resulting winnings in a new game at any of the casino machines.
Some casinos set a limit on the withdrawal of funds received on wagering the non-deposit bonus. If a player exceeds the limit in wagering, the winnings will be only the amount established within it. The rest of the funds will be burned.
We will repeat, use the bonuses online casino only after reading the terms of their calculation and wagering.
Remember, any bonus is a way to have fun, save money, and inspire yourself to use new strategies.


The casino gives no deposit bonuses for registration or a frequent game, participation in an affiliate program, or installation of mobile applications. Such bonuses do not require payment and include free spins, cash bonuses, cashback, or free games for a limited period of time.
The non-deposit bonus allows you to get real winnings if all conditions of the promotion and general rules of an online casino are met.
Bonuses without deposit will expand opportunities for betting, increase bankroll without money risk, introduce new providers and slots.
Choose the best offers of non-deposit casino bonuses on our website.


What are no deposit bonuses?

They are bonuses in the form of free spins and money, which a player receives without making a deposit, as a reward for registration or active play

What are no deposit bonus codes?

Codes – is a combination of letters and numbers, which the player receives in the promotional mailing list, mobile casino application, or on an affiliate site. The bonus code activates the free-spins to be played.

How do no deposit bonuses work?

The player meets the conditions of bonus calculation. Free Spins or money are credited to a separate bonus account. The player activates them and plays in the machines specified by the action, without spending his own money. The winnings come to the main account after the wagering conditions are met.

Can I play any games with my bonus?

A number of casinos restrict the range of slots available for wagering bonuses. In the conditions of the promotion or bonus policy of the casino will be indicated slot machines (the exact names or brands of providers) that are open to play for bonuses.

Can I withdraw a no deposit bonus?

The bonus can be withdrawn when it has been fully redeemed under the terms of the promotion. You can’t withdraw a deposit bonus without wagering.

Can I get them on my mobile device?

Yes. You can get the bonus as a welcome signup greeting or activity reward, as well as for installing the application on your smartphone.

Do I have to spend any money to claim a no deposit bonus?

No. The bonus is free. This is how casinos encourage players to visit the platform and actively use their services. The amount of non-deposit bonuses may be lower than those that require payment, but they still help players get used to it and win more.

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